Men Are People Too


I know that every time a girl says “I just have a lot of guy friends”, everyone within ear shot rolls their eyes and just thinks what a hoe… BUT I’ve definitely said that plenty of times and I’m not a hoe.

I’ve actually had more male roommates in my lifetime than female. Totally non sexual. Actually, my first roommate accidentally walked in on me changing once and told a bunch of people that he “almost threw up” after he saw me semi naked.

I’ve always had a harder time connecting with women because I honestly think they’re super annoying and often untrustworthy. Since I got married I’ve wanted to make a bigger effort to maintain my very valuable female friendships.

Like attracts like, and since I am not single I am rarely around single people. Similar to the way I am not often around toddlers. I actually have a few single coworkers, and I thought I would be super excited to hear about their dating escapades. Turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve noticed that a decent amount of single women have these really extreme standards for all the things men have to do for them. I am not going to claim that I am some kind of relationship guru, but best believe I did not have a list of ways my future husband could potentially fail me on paper.

Sure, people have standards and features they prefer, but Jesus. Hearing someone say, out loud, that a complete stranger MUST do certain things in order for you to grace them with your presence is so bizarre to me.

Putting men on a pedestal will not get you far, and this princess mentality is really off putting. Running around making fun of the way guys look and talk and text and open doors and ask for dates and their jobs and their cars or lack there of is just plain shitty.

If any one of these women ever heard a guy say even a fraction of the shit they’ve said, they’d be mortified! Also, what planet do you live on? These women act like the men on Millionaire Matchmaker….pushing 50 and barely a 5 in the looks department and asking for 20-something Victoria’s Secret model. Humble yourself! And quickly, please.

I hope these women understand that men are not designed to fill all of their holes. I don’t mean that in a sexual way at all. I’m saying that one man cannot be your best friend, your protector, your source of income, your substitute father, your lover, your psychiatrist. They’re people too. They need just as much, if not more, affection, compassion, and understanding as we do. Men were not put on this earth to make you happy. That would be super cool and fun, I admit. But it’s a pretty unfair standard.

Running around with this “men better move mountains for me” mentality is not wise. At least I don’t think it is.

My husband is awesome, and I love him, but he does not exist to fill my needs. I’d like to believe that we function well because I see him as an equal.

Creating a large laundry list of expectations seems like a great way to be disappointed. I hope that single women and women in a relationship realize how important it is to see people for who they are, and not what they can do for you.

If not, I guess they should head to the nearest cat shelter and get real friendly with their new life partners.


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