Calm Down


It’s fair to say there’s a lot of shitty stuff happening in the world right now. I could sit here and rant about how I feel about gun policies in America but -surprisingly- that’s never been my thing. I am grateful for the internet in that it’s allowed me to share my writing with the world so quickly and efficiently. At the same time, I hate the internet because I have access to EVERYONE’s opinions that are basically redundant and boring.

I’ve been told a fair amount of times to be quiet, clean myself up, relax, pipe down, and the like for a lot of my life. After I received my degree and gained some “real world” experience the comments grew. I have a deeper-than-normal voice for a female and I tend to talk with my hands. I come on pretty strong and I have never had a problem speaking my mind. While all these things are no doubt obnoxious, I definitely think I’ve been told to be quiet because I’m smart.

For the first time in my life, I sat alone and cried for our country. I cried for the state of our people, for the sadness we’re enduring, for the unfair circumstances…but above all, I cried for the lack of change. I believe in evolution. I believe in people. I think growth and change is part of human nature, and it’s what makes us exceptional. It broke my heart so see that the senate voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood. I am aware that Obama will veto this horse shit for as long as he can, and that’s cool.

What troubles me, is that there are people in the world that I currently live in, that feel like it is acceptable to take things from me. Not just me, but my friends, my husband, my future children. There are people that don’t know me, don’t understand the body of woman, don’t care about the general public, don’t care about science, don’t care about anything but their own personal agenda.

I am twenty-five, I’m a wife, I’m a daughter, I’ll probably be a mother someday. I cannot sit idle by and watch stupid old men say that I don’t deserve a cancer screening, or birth control, or equal pay. I cannot watch someone with a legally purchased weapon walk into a place I see as safe and murder innocent people.

I honestly don’t care if my hurt, and my fear, and my beliefs are unattractive. I don’t care if “more guys would sleep with me” if I talked less. I don’t even really care that it seems like I come off like I think I’m better than everyone because I read and write and give a shit about my life.

I know that my opinions are a tiny drop in the biggest body of water. I know that I’m just a little voice. But I am a woman in 2015 with a pretty damn good head on my shoulders, and I’m so proud of it. I will not let the voices of insecure men take that away from me.

Keep making noise bitches, you are so beyond worthy of it.


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