I’ve played around with the idea of this blog topic a few times, but until half-heartedly watching the Oscars last night, I couldn’t fully commit. I love pop culture, movies, TV, and basically just being in famous people’s business. However, there are just a few celebs that I literally can’t stand and I’ve decided to share them with you.

Jennifer Aniston: Ok, hate me for this one if you want, I don’t care. Jenn is literally the equivalent of khaki pants to me. You don’t understand why, but they keep showing up so you just accept it. Granted, I have brought in pictures of Jennifer to my hair lady at least 5 times but that doesn’t make her an interesting person. I just feel a very pathetic-holding-on-for-dear-life-please-pay-attention-to-me vibe from her. And I mean change up your style once in a while Anniston, God damn. Really, another tan dress with your fucking boring straight hair? AGAIN? Plus I don’t really like Friends.

Mark Whalberg: HATE. Like seriously, nothing is appealing about this guy. He has such a gross little ferret face and he is EXACTLY THE SAME in every single movie. No way, a Boston accent? Mark, you’re such a talent. Maybe you should play a down-on-his-luck-shy-guy who comes from a poor family but is just too talented to hide in the shadows. OH WAIT, you’ve played that guy in every fucking movie. GO AWAY.

Bono: I know, I KNOW. He’s like, the speaker for Africa or what the fuck ever but he wears sunglasses indoors, and I just can’t get behind that. Not only is his music pretty bland, anyone who decides to drop the faith from their band name to get more cash money is just kind of a douche. I won’t even bring up how he just assumed everyone in the world was dying for a free copy of his newest album. Go back to bike riding Bono, you won’t be missed.

Jessica Biel: She’s married to the man of my dreams. She must be taken down. Plus she’s like, muscular.

Ryan Reynolds: Are you supposed to be funny? Are you supposed to be hot? Why do I care? Waiting is a hilarious movie but everything about you besides your abs is bothersome.

Taylor Swift: White girls unite and send me hate mail, Taylor Swift SUCKS. I have never been a fan of her for so many reasons: 1. I hate country music, 2. I hate whining, 3. I hate her weird curly springy hair, 4. No one cares about growing up on a Christmas tree farm, 5. Keds are ugly, 6. Stop with the cats, 7. She’s one of those people who calls EVERYONE her best friend, 8. Red lipstick- REAL ORIGINAL, 9. Cry baby, 10. Can’t dance. I get that she totally speaks to young awkward girls but this whole good girl act is really obnoxious. Banging every guy in arms distance and then publically bashing them for getting sick of the missionary position does not make you a good role model. Also her music is terrible, just straight up terrible.

The Cast of Glee: You remind me of everyone I went to theater camp with: horrible.


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