I Couldn’t Care Less

Vandal modifies SeaWorld sign

Ok, so IN GENERAL I don’t really like talking about “relevant issues” because I am not a fucking newspaper and I also believe basically everything I read online (McDonald’s burgers are made from human meat? Wtf?!), so I am just not a credible source.

But, because YOU ALL feel the need to get so fake invested in shit and bombard my life with it, I’ll make a few statements.

Let’s talk about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. People are pouring buckets of ice water on their heads. BIG FUCKING DEAL. If you don’t give a crap about ALS and you don’t want to donate: don’t. If you don’t want to dump cold ass water on your head, don’t. That being said, trying to turn charity awareness into a negative is just fucking weird, for one, and PLEASE stop pretending like you really care about the drought in California because honestly, you probably didn’t even know it was a thing. SO JUST LET PEOPLE DUMP WATER ON THEIR HEAD AND GIVE ALS PEOPLE SOME MONEY AND DROP IT OK.

People can still not seem to let this Blackfish thing go and now all the SeaWorld commercials are totally sensitive. This one is SO annoying. First of all, SeaWorld is cool. While it is common sense that NO ANIMAL, not just Orcas, should be kept in captivity, it is done with the intent to protect threatened species and avoid endangerment. If you want to raise your future children in a world with no sea animals, be my guest. These animals are born in captivity, and the amount of scientific research and educational value that SeaWorld presents to the community is very, very valuable. When did we all randomly decide to get all fired up about something called a “killer whale” killing people? You’re stupid.

Since I am a San Diego girl I could totally go into the hilariousness/depression that was the Kony 2012 incident but I’m just not really in the mood. I’ll just say that thinking for yourself is never a bad idea. Why don’t you fucking read up on some opposing ideas on a topic before you watch a 2 minute YouTube clip and just hop on board? You’re not a philanthropist, you’re not an activist; if anything you just have white guilt, so relax.

The only advice I can give to people who get so intense about something they’ve heard/seen about for a half second is to simply read a little bit. Nothing is that black and white, not even a killer whale ( haha I’m so funny). If, like me, you aren’t really sold on the Invisible Children charity, or got insanely bummed when you found out that only 15% of your Susan G. Coleman donation actually goes to breast cancer research, find something else. Read something else. Like obviously non-profits need to take some of your money, and that’s fine. Give a shit about something that truly holds value to you, do what feels right in your heart, and carry on with your life.

Basically, you’re just annoying the hell out of me with your fake activism and fake anti-activism. If you actually cared, you’d silently donate your money or time without alerting everyone in the fucking world to how you feel about it.

Peace be with you.


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