Yoga Pants: You’re Welcome


Or…“How I’ve Been Wearing The Same Ensemble for 5 Years”

So often people say to me, “Kaley, not only are you smart and hilarious- you are also chic! Where do you get your style from?”

I’m not one to reveal all my secrets, but fashion is really important to me, and I think it’s crucial that I share that.


However, I have graduated from a university, purchased a vehicle (kinda), held a multitude of jobs,  raised a kitten, met dudes, and put a teeny tiny thumb print on the world all while wearing the same outfit.


It all began in San Francisco…

Though a very fashion forward and eccentric city, it is also a city of artists. Artists are totally sloppy. Once I realized that I, too, am an artist, I discovered how appropriate it was for me to look disheveled. For two and half successful years I wore yoga pants, a Disneyland sweatshirt, and moccasins. Sometimes I wore a scarf to spice it up. Pair this look with a bun and black rimmed glasses and there was no question in any San Franciscan’s mind that I was a writer!! And a talented one, no less. Of course I was too busy working on my craft to trouble with typical conventions of beauty!

Yoga pants are perfect for college life as they can easily transition from a daytime lecture straight into bed for a nap.

“But Kaley,” you’re probably thinking, “you’re such a catch. What do you wear on all your dates?”

I’m glad you asked.

While yoga pants provide extreme comfort for both learning and lounging, they perfectly form to the shape of my ass, enhancing its round, perky shape, thus making them an ideal date night option. Before any night life activity, I would switch my moccasins for boots, and the Disneyland sweater for some type of off-the-shoulder long sleeved top (don’t get concerned, it’s equally as comfortable).  I occasionally wear a printed top with a jean jacket. I am a HUGE fan of the jean jacket. Thanks to yoga pants, I never experience a Bon Jovi moment!

Unfortunately, I’ve found that I do have to brush my hair for dates, so be prepared for that. Throw on some mascara and lip gloss- voila! You are date ready.

I always recommend going panty-less or wearing a very sexy thong for the night version of this look. You never know where the evening will take you when your ass is presented so perfectly.

“Alright, fair enough,” you will say, “but what about work? There is no way you wore yoga pants to work.”

Oh you simple minded peasant, of course I did! Here are just some of the jobs I’ve held where I wore yoga pants (to every shift):

  • A restaurant in the heart of San Fran’s union square. Scratch that, two.
  • A trendy wine and whiskey bar
  • A gym
  • A hipster Mexican restaurant
  • Assistant to a Sales and Marketing Manager
  • A five star steakhouse
  • Administrative assistant
  • Personal assistant

And….right now. As a writer and blogger, I wear yoga pants to the office (and around my house) daily! Pair yoga pants with a black blazer and a watch- oh my, what a cute assistant! Yoga pants with black booties and a draped shawl? Steakhouse hostess! All of a sudden my hair isn’t in a messy bun, it’s a classy top knot. Earrings, eye liner, and shoe choice all showcase how versatile yoga pants can be.

If your yoga pants have gone through enough washes and are starting to fade- don’t throw them out! You can, in fact, wear this seemingly useless item to the gym! Yoga pants can be used for a yoga class!

Here are a few other examples of times I’ve worn yoga pants:

-making food

-grocery shopping

-happy hour



-cleaning the litter box

-writing this blog

-shopping for more yoga pants

The list goes on!

So ladies, if you’re ever stuck wondering how to spice up your wardrobe, $4 generic black leggings will really do the trick. I’ve been happily wearing yoga pants for about five years now, and if there’s anything I know, it’s that most girls want a life that’s just like mine!


Your favorite fashionista

**I have no idea what the difference between yoga pants and leggings are and I really didn’t feel like researching it. I’m talking about cheap ass Forever 21 black stretchy pants, you basic bitches.


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